Monday, March 21, 2011

Roles In Oracle Apps

In oracle apps there are 3 roles
1) Functional Consultant
2) Technical Consultant
3) DBA(Database Administrator)

In oracle apps these are the basic modules
AP -> Account Payables  
AR -> Account Receivables 
GL -> General Ledger
FA -> Fixed Assets 
CM -> Cash Management 
INV -> Inventory
PO  -> Purchasing Order
OM  -> Order Management
BOM -> Bill Of Material
WIP -> Work In Progress
HRMS -> Human Resource Management and  PAYROLL

If you understand the full functional flow of any one particular module say AP then you are functional consultant in AP module.Functional people know how to navigate the front end and how to create an entry in front end.They collect requirements from direct client and the collected requirements passed to Technical Consultant in the written format called MD050 document.Tools used by functional consultant are browser( to view the front end).

All the data entered by functional consultant stored in the database tables.So,the job of techncial consultant is to navigate through the tables affected for that particular entry.Technical consultant design the reports,interfaces,form customizations components.After completing their task technical consultant people create a document to end user called MD070 document.This contains the coding part and the steps how to run the program.Tools used by technical consultant are Toad(to communicate with database),Browser(To see the front end),Transfer Client like (Filezilla),Putty,Oracle Reports Developer,Form Developer, SQL Devloper.

After knowing what is functional consultant and technical consultant everyone's mind trigger to this question called which one is best either functional or technical...In my point of view both are important

DBA(Database administrator's) maintain the oracle apps server and he maintain the security type of issues.

Refer this link in which consultant you want to be a?
Refer this link to know the pre-requistes to be a technical consultant?


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