Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Data Entry and Retrieval From Database Through Oracle Forms

These are the basic controls must known to both tech and functional people to enter and retrieve data via forms.
I will take concurrent program definition form as an example to explain you this

1) Login to oracle applications
2) System Administrator Responsibility
3) Function->Concurrent : Program-> Define

 Note: Yellow colored fields are required fields.Without filling all the yellow colored fields we can't save the data into database.

If you press save button   now.It will prompt for a message like "Field must be entered" at left bottom of the form as shown.

Once you enter all the data into all the required fields you can save the data..

Now if you click save will get this prompt below..It means your data saved in database.

Now lets see how to  Retrieve the existing data from database through forms

To Retrieve the existing data from database press F11 key..Now you will be able to see you form as shown below..

Type "XX My Demo Conc Pgm" in Program Field and Press "Ctrl+F11" Key
Now you are able to see all the details what you entered in the database as shown below

You can try several cases like this
XX My Demo Conc% then press Ctrl + F11
Press down and up arrow key if you have more than one program name having same prefix.
Thank You.
We Will see What is Flexfield and Valueset in next post