Monday, September 24, 2012

Orders Autobook

There could be certain case where client require to book the orders in bulk just by running single concurrent program. There's a public API provided by oracle to perform various operations in the sales order in the order management system.

Public API Name is : OE_ORDER_PUB
There are record type to hold the order header, line level informations.

Procedure Name : PROCESS_ORDER

Process Order supports action requests that allow users to execute a variety
of actions such as booking, hold application and removal.

      p_api_version_number      =>   1.0,
      p_init_msg_list           =>   FND_API.G_TRUE,
      p_action_commit           =>   FND_API.G_FALSE,
      x_return_status           =>   x_return_status,
      x_msg_count               =>   v_msg_count,
      x_msg_data                =>   v_msg_data,
      p_header_rec              =>   p_header_rec,
      p_header_val_rec          =>   p_header_val_rec,
      p_header_scredit_tbl      =>   p_header_scredit_tbl,
      p_line_tbl                =>   p_line_tbl,
      p_line_adj_tbl            =>   p_line_adj_tbl,
      p_line_scredit_tbl        =>   p_line_scredit_tbl,
      p_action_request_tbl      =>   p_action_request_tbl,
      x_header_rec              =>   x_header_rec,
      x_header_val_rec          =>   v_header_val_rec,
      x_header_adj_tbl          =>   v_header_adj_tbl,
      x_header_adj_val_tbl      =>   v_header_adj_val_tbl,
      x_header_price_att_tbl    =>   v_header_price_att_tbl,
      x_header_adj_att_tbl      =>   v_header_adj_att_tbl,
      x_header_adj_assoc_tbl    =>   v_header_adj_assoc_tbl,
      x_header_scredit_tbl      =>   v_header_scredit_tbl,
      x_header_scredit_val_tbl  =>   v_header_scredit_val_tbl,
      x_line_tbl                =>   x_line_tbl,
      x_line_val_tbl            =>   v_line_val_tbl,
      x_line_adj_tbl            =>   v_line_adj_tbl,
      x_line_adj_val_tbl        =>   v_line_adj_val_tbl,
      x_line_price_att_tbl      =>   v_line_price_att_tbl,
      x_line_adj_att_tbl        =>   v_line_adj_att_tbl,
      x_line_adj_assoc_tbl      =>   v_line_adj_assoc_tbl,
      x_line_scredit_tbl        =>   v_line_scredit_tbl,
      x_line_scredit_val_tbl    =>   v_line_scredit_val_tbl,
      x_lot_serial_tbl          =>   v_lot_serial_tbl,
      x_lot_serial_val_tbl      =>   v_lot_serial_val_tbl,
      x_action_request_tbl      =>   v_action_request_tbl


  1. if we want to perform the action of order autobooking ..means by fulfilling certain criteria the order shld be booked automatically will we do that ..?

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